accessibility statement

boon eat + drink is committed to providing a website that can be accessed by all, including users with disabilities. we always strive to comply with current and ever evolving ada requirements and content accessibility guidelines on our website, including:

  • have built our website using standard-compliant html and css
  • use a consistent navigation structure
  • content is structured in a logical manner, nested according to importance
  • informative headings introduce sections of content
  • text can be resized using browser functions
  • key content is visible by default not only on hover
  • images of text are not used
  • css background images are used exclusively for decorative content
  • color is never used as the sole means of indicating information
  • basic text and background colors are highly contrasting
  • all audio and video can be paused as needed and does not auto play
  • sufficient line height, letter spacing is used to increase legibility

how are we doing?

at boon hotel + spa, we want everyone to feel welcome and accommodated. please contact us if you experience any issues with our website. we will do our best to remedy in a timely manner to ensure the page(s) can be accessible to all.